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Preventing Frozen Pipes in Richmond, And What To Do if Pipes Freeze

PMI Richmond - Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hi, my name is David Peschio, and I am the owner of PMI Richmond a local property management company here in Richmond Virginia. Richmond has just experienced one of the coldest stretches in history, and I wanted to talk to you about pipes and how to prevent or at least mitigate damage from frozen pipes. We have received many calls from tenants that have experienced frozen pipes here in the Richmond area.

Before the cold weather hits, we need to remind our tenants to:

  • Leave any cabinets below the sinks open to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes.
  • Leave faucets dripping (slowly).
  • Cover all outside openings including foundation vents to prevent cold air from running across the pipes.
  • Keep heat running in the house even if you are leaving for an extended time

If pipes should freeze:

  • Keep faucets open to release pressure in lines to help prevent ruptures.
  • Try and get heat on the affected area.
  • Do not use a blowtorch, kerosene propane heater or other open flame devices.
  • Shut off the main water supply in the home or at the main, usually located near the street.

Sometimes a rupture is unavoidable but being able to shut off the water before it causes extensive damage is vital. A small rupture can release more than 250 gallons of water a day causing damage to floors, carpets, furniture, and personal items.

Prevention is the key, so make sure all lines are insulated, dripping faucets, keeping the heat on, and having all cabinets open is important. Shut your water off and make sure there are no leaks once the lines defrost.